Metallica – S & M

Metallica - S & M

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As if to accentuate their fundamental hugeness, Metallica (arguably the most consistently innovative metal band of the 80s and 90s) stretched yet further into the arena of the titanic with this immense cohesion of the orchestral and the truly seismic. Recorded live at California’s Berkeley Community Theatre with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra under the direction of composer and arranger Michael Kamen, S & M showcases over two hours of the band’s best known material including the muscular thrash of “Master Of Puppets” and the devastating power of “Enter Sandman”. Also featuring a pair of brand new compositions–the pounding menace of “Human” and chest-beating nihilism of “No Leaf Clover”–S & M steers clear of pompous self-indulgence in favour of sheer blistering intensity. Kamen’s orchestral arrangements perfectly complement the underlying subtlety of Hetfield, Ulrich, Hammett and Newsted’s singularly bombastic muse and the end result is nothing short of awesome. –Ian Fortnam – click here to read original article

My Little Empire Review

What do you get when you cross one the biggest heavy metal band in the world with The San Francisco Symphony and one of the best conductors in the shape of the late Michael Kamen. You guessed it Metallica S&M (Symphony and Metallica). This is a double album and it is a must have for all Metallica fans. The album acts a bit like a best of because it has a lot of the hit. These include tracks like “Master Of Puppets”, “Hero Of The Day”, “Nothing Else Matters”, “Human” and “One” to name but a few. Even If you are not a big fan but think this is interesting you have to go out and buy this just to hear how seamless the play and interchange between the San Francisco Symphony and Metallica is. I think this is a great album with some great track. I always like putting on “Human” on in my stereo in my bedroom, turning it up full and wait to hear Metallica kick in. Yea Yeaaa. Try it!

Stand Out Tracks:

The Ecstasy of Gold
Hero of the Day
Master of Puppets
Nothing else Matters

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