Radiohead – The Bends

Radiohead - The Bends 

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After the massive success of Pablo Honey–or, more specifically, the single “Creep”–had made them a household name, most had written Radiohead off as one-hit wonders. That they could return with an album as awesome and monumental as The Bends, therefore, must have been particularly unexpected. Not that Pablo Honey is a bad album, but rather, when compared to the epic grandeur of The Bends, it’s obvious that the five Oxford-based boys had matured immensely since the release of their debut. “High And Dry”, “Just”, “Street Spirit”, “Fake Plastic Trees”: nary a pop song among them, yet it’s testament to their greatness that they all were hit singles. And really, it’s easy to see why: Thom Yorke’s falsetto crying over a wall of acoustic and electric guitars, as lyrics and music blend to create a masterpiece of melancholy beauty. The Bends is one of the most essential albums of the 1990s, and a spectacular indicator of further greatness to come. –Robert Burrow – click here to read original article

My Little Empire Review

People talk about Radiohead and “Ok Computer” being the better album, but in my opinion “The Bends” is a far better album than “Ok Computer”. This is certainly the sound of the 90’s. The album starts with “Planet Telex” and ends with “Street Spirit”. In the middle of the album is the great track “Just”. Check out the video on I always wondered what the guy lying on the ground at the end of the video said. If I had a top ten albums list of all time this would be in the top 5. I can’t really say anything else about this album but to say you should own a copy.

Stand Out Tracks:

High and Dry
Fake Plastic Trees
Street Spirit

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