Tori Amos – Little Earthquakes

Tori Amos  - little Earthquakes

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Emotionally and musically intense, Little Earthquakes shows that the piano is as much a rock & roll instrument as the guitar. Tori Amos’s debut (if one disregards Y Kant Tori Read, as one would be well advised to do) is at once listenable and challenging; she takes on every topic, from sex to gender to religion, in an uncompromising manner. Her music appears gentle at first but this appearance is deceiving, as one quickly learns upon listening to the wrenching “Crucify” or the almost violent “Precious Things”. By the time the album gets around to “Me and a Gun”, sung hauntingly by Amos without accompaniment from her piano, the juxtaposition of Amos’s sweet voice and the emotional complexity of her lyrics is both familiar and shocking. Sandman fans should listen for a reference to author Neil Gaiman in “Tear in Your Hand”. –Genevieve Williams. click here to read original article

My Little Empire Review

When I heard this album I was in college. I was picking out a video for the night and on the radio in the video store was Dave Fanning on 2fm talking about this great album by Tori Amos. Well I decided to get it to try it out. Well it is the first album I have ever listened to straight through twice in one sitting. I think this is Tori Amos’s best album. Amos’s voice is great and with her piano dancing under her fingers. The album start off with “Crucify” moves along to the quiet “Silent All These Years” then the second last track kicks in with “Me and a Gun”. This describes an attack on her when she was young. Sung without the piano just her voice describing what happened. Then the title track kick in. ”Oh oh these little earthquake here they come again”. I have since bought all of her albums after this. She never quiet hit these heights again but when you hit so high who’s complaining. Enjoy, this is worth every penny.

Stand Out Tracks:

Silent All These Years
Precious Things
Me and My Gun

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