TV Crime Drames

In the past few years there have been many Crime Dramas on TV. We have dedicated these pages to the best of TV Crime Dramas.

Some we love for the stories (N.C.I.S.)
Some we love for the technical stuff (C.S.I. Las Vegas)
Some we love the city (C.S.I.New York)
Some we take our glasses off to (C.S.I. Miami)
Some are just cool – LL Cool (N.C.I.S. Los Angeles)
Some we love for the quotes And wisdom (Criminal Minds)
Some we can count on (Numb3rs)
Some we Lie about (Lie To Me)
and then some we just love (The Wire)

Please feel free to email me any of your favourite Movies that you think I should add to this site. Please fill out the form on the left hand side of this page.

Just click on the Crime Drama below that you would like to find our about. We will tell you about the show and who is in it and some of the shows famous quotes.

Criminal Minds CSI New York
CSI Las Vegas Csi Miami
Lie To Me NCIS Los Angeles
NCIS The Wire

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