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I was looking at you tube the other night and I realised there is quiet a lot of videos about animals doing funny things. So I decided to put this page together in honour of those animals who have been humiliated in the name of funny animal videos. Be warned there is one spider video but I have covered it up so if you want to see it, it is half way down the page and you will see a “show” button. Click on it to open the video. Enjoy

Surprised Kitty (Original)



Husky Dog Talking – ” I love you “



Big Spider Attacks Daddy

Yes this is a big spider video and yes i have covered it up so if you do not like them you will not see them. View this at your owen risk. Think Australia’s biggest spider(the huntsman) and a stupid man. You get the idea. 

Show »


Craziest Barking Dog Impression EVER – Ray Grayham


French Bulldog Can’t Roll Over


Big Lion Hugs & Kisses His Rescuer




The Sneezing Baby Panda


Stalking Cat


The OMG Cat


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