As We Get Old

As we get old and grey and you move into retirement here are some examples of what you might be getting up to in your latter years. As you get old remember that you should live long enough to be a real concern to your kids!

So with this in mind here are some pictures of some pensioners and what they have gotten up to. Its good to see what lays ahead of us all.

As We Get Old - "I predict a riot"

 As We Get Old - "see things from a diffrent angle" As We Get Old - "Feel the wind in your hair"  As We Get Old - "keep a hold of yourself" 
 As We Get Old - "Follow The Signs" As We Get Old - "Drive"  As We Get Old - "Shot Something" 
 As We Get Old - "Drive Where You Want" As We Get Old - "Remember Where You Park" As We Get Old - "Just Remember"
 As We Get Old - "Enjoy Your Birthday" As We Get Old - "Easy Riders"  As We Get Old - "Write Something" 

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