Movie Speeches

There are great movie spesches in movies and this page is dedicated to these speeches

A Few Good Men – Court Room scene

I want the truth. You can’t handle the truth. What a great speech. Jack Nicholson at his best.


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Good Will Hunting – Bar Scene

The bar scene in good will hunting where the guys try to impress the girls but it backfires on them because “my boy is wicket smart”.


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A Time To Kill – Closing Arguement

Will if you know this movie you will all ready have you eyes closed and be picturing a little girl in you head. Great scene, very will acted.


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Rounders – Judge’s Game

Well, most of you may have not seen this movie but it is a very good movie with a great cast. Just watch the video and he will tell you what is happening.

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Pulp Fiction – Marsellus Wallace

 This is the scene from Pulp Fiction. Sit back and watch Samuel L Jackson at his best.

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Snatch – Brick Top warns about Pig Farmers

The only reason you should never trust a pig farmer.

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Glengarry Glen Ross speech

People mention Glengarry Glen Ross all the time as a great film. Well for those of you who have not seen it and would like to see what it about, keep watching.

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Our Deepest Fear . . .

This is a big moment in the film and it also has a great speech by one of the characters. I have included this quote in the quote section of this website.  Click to see the words of “Our deepest fear…”  

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Braveheart In Defiance Of The English Tyranny

You can take my heart but you can never take our freedom. That speech. Enjoy.

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