Video Champions, well they are the best in their field of expertise. Enjoy.

Best Cry Ever

This is the “Best Cry” I have ever heard. Even for a man this takes the biscuit.


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Best Science Experment - Diet Coke and Mentos

This is the best science experiment involving lots of Diet Coke and a whole lot of Mentos. This took a lot of planning.


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Most Emotional Man

And people say men are not emotional. From the reports I have heard there is nothing going on with the man off cam that you cannot see and he was not on drugs. I think he was on something. Clearly.

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Best Public Speaker

Looking for public speaking tips. Look no further, meet Phil Davidson. When you are good you are good.

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Best Dressed

Great t-shirts guys, I am a fan of vintage and interesting t-shirts so these guys win hands down.

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Best Pole Dancer (Male)

Male pole dancing in India. Don’t think I need to say much more than that.

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Best Trick shot In Bowling

Watch both lanes. Hay man nice shot. Nice shot man….

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Best Triathlon Finish

You got to finish a race any way you can. Go ask Sian Welch and Wendy Ingrahan.

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Best Wedding Proposal

She better have said yes after this proposal.

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