Bruce Springsteen – Nebraska

Bruce Springsteen  - Nebraska

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Nebraska is a cruel landscape of serial killers, shady deals, jobless workers pushed to the edge, brothers who finally just look the other way. Accompanying himself on acoustic guitar and little else, Bruce Springsteen mixes together his own Jersey mythology with bits of Woody Guthrie, the Delmore Brothers and country blues to produce among the most emotionally crippling roots rock ever caught on tape. “What does it mean”, Springsteen moans plaintively, “(that) at the end of every hard-earned day people find some reason to believe?” He has no answer but if there’s any hope at all here, it’s that his characters are still asking the question. –David Cantwell – click here to read original article

My Little Empire Review

The Boss, Bruce Springsteen in my opinion at his best. The album is stripped bare Springsteen. Just Bruce and his trusty guitar sing song like “Nebraska”, “Atlantic City” and “Highway Patrolman”. There is a classic country sound with a twist of folk and blues through out this album. Some great lyric also like “Just me and Frankie laughing and drinking, nothing feels better than blood on blood, Taking turns dancing with Maria as the band play night of the Johnston Flood” from “Highway Patrolman”. Bruce at his best, if you like “The River”, “Streets of Philadelphia” or Bruce without the E Street Band then you will love this.

Stand Out tracks:

Mansion on the Hill
Atlantic City
Used Cars

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