Johnny Cash –  At Folsom Prison

Johnny Cash  - At Folson Prison

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Johnny Cash had been breaking new ground for a decade when At Folsom Prison suddenly made the world at large take notice. The interaction of a volatile prison population starved for entertainment and desperately on-form Johnny Cash was electrifying. His sombre machismo finally found a home. The songs, which included every prison song Cash knew (“I Got Stripes”, “The Wall”, “25 Minutes to Go”, “Cocaine Blues”, plus his own “Folsom Prison Blues”) were tailored to galvanise the crowd. This set is all about atmosphere. Live at the Grand Ole Opry this is not. The 1999 version drops the San Quentin portion of the original CD reissue, instead adding three cuts to complete the full and uncensored Folsom show. –Colin Escott – click here to read original article

My Little Empire Review

Hello I’m Johnny Cash. This starts the album that catapulted Johnny Cash back in to main stream. He recorded this live on January 13th 1968 At Folsom Prison. There are some great tracks on this album like “Folsom Prison Blues”, “Cocaine Blues” and “25 Minutes To Go”. You got Johnny cash on vocals with is unique voice and you have the backing band “The Tennessee Two” playing what can only be described as a train going down the tracks chugging away. A little bit country a little bit rock n’ roll. If you only have one Johnny Cash album in you collection then this has to be it. Johnny Cash at his best. You will be missed.

Stand Out Tracks:

Folsom Prison Blues
Cocaine Blues
25 Minutes To Go
Greystone Chapel

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