Jedward Win Eurovision – well should have anyhow – Music

Euro Vision LogoSo the Eurovision was last week and Jedward lost. Oh well. In Australia that night they could not vote so cannel SBS down under had there own Eurovision vote (SBS’s Official Unofficial Scorecard) and Jedward Won. These are the results of the Australia jury people below. See more click here.


1 Ireland 11785 votes

2 Greece 9685 votes

3 Serbia 6090 votes

4 Bosnia and Herzegovina 5567 votes

5 Moldova 4228 votes

6 Hungary 3844 votes

7 Sweden 3027 votes

8 Denmark 2555 votes

9 Ukraine 1982 votes

10 Iceland 1749 votes

13 United Kingdom 1612 votes

23 Azerbaijan 561 votes

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